Cloud Integration

Over the last five years, the internet has continued to evolve and has seen the introduction of an increasing array of web-based applications. While web applications are in themselves nothing new, what is new is how these applications are now capable linking with each other and transferring information in real time. Vendors, such as Xero and Vend, can now focus on what they individually do best, knowing that other aspects of a client’s requirements can be implemented by other best-in-class vendors and where data is able to move instantly between these platforms.

It is this ability to interlink between platforms that represents the true power of today’s Cloud. Project 96 focusses on working with clients to select and implement the most relevant and suitable application platforms, and then ensure that the data and information flows between them work as effectively as possible. With experience in working with vendor APIs and developing middleware, Project 96 is able to transform a client’s work practices and work flows resulting in achieving greater efficiencies and cost savings.