Over the last 5 to 10 years, retail and “point of sale” systems have transitioned from the the “cash register”, to integrated, cloud-based and interconnected processes. Vend, as a best-in-class vendor of this new approach to point of sale, has partnered with Project 96 in order to deliver innovative, dynamic retail systems that are geared to deliver both a first-class experience for the retailer and customer alike.

Point of Sale

Vend makes it easy to sell to your customers, whether you use our responsive web-based POS on Mac or PC, or our Vend Register iPad app.

Vend Ecommerce

Create a beautiful online store in minutes an manage everything central. Quickly add products, fulfil orders, and track sales from a single account.


It's a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, descriptions and taxes. Easily add variants or create composite products to fit your needs.


Take control over your inventory with full or partial inventory counts, and easily balance and transfer your inventory between your different locations.

Mobile Retail Dashboard

Get an instant snapshot of how your stores are performing with our mobile dashboard, and have access to your most important info, right in your pocket.


Manage all your stores seamlessly with Vend, whether you add new stores, a warehouse or have seasonal needs like Christmas pop-up stores.