Design & Media

Project 96 is a market leader in the design and media sector, with a proven history of designing and implementing ICT responses that improve the efficiency of existing workflows and practices. Through processes of analysis, consultation and adopting the perspective of those who actually use the system, we generate solutions where the investment required is more than offset by improved future revenues and growth. Learn more


Project 96 has extensive experience working in the education sector. Starting from the fundamental premise that the goal of education is to achieve real outcomes for students, we continually focus on designing, implementing and supporting sustainable ICT infrastructure that supports contemporary innovative learning strategies that are geared towards placing students at the centre of their own educational experience. Learn more


Through in-depth consultation and analysis of your retail requirements, Project 96 can provide a holistic ICT solution that enables you to focus on your customers and making your venture a success. We bring a collaborative approach to infrastructure and service design, implementation, configuration, along with first-class training and ongoing support, in order to achieve these outcomes. Learn more


Hospitality is often faced with the problem of having to deal with large numbers of customers within a short time frame. Consequently any supporting infrastructure needs to accomodate this reality, and ICT is no exception. Project 96 works with best-in-class partners to provide intuitive technical solutions for point of sale, staffing, customer management and business analytics, all essential for effectively dealing with busy retail environments. Learn more